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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Monthly Mix Up - Dirty Movember Mix

As Movember draws to an end the mo's of those who have valiantly gone the distance are getting at their dirtiest, so it is fitting that this months Nothing Butter mix up is dirty too. Although we will probably never get a mix as dirty as this mans mo.

So we've compiled and mixed a collection of the filthy bangers to commemorate those who have donned the mo!

Pleased be advised: This mix is excessively dirty. We strongly recommend that you have a shower immediately after listening.

Soundlcoud (256kbps, larger file size)

PodOmatic (128kbps, smaller file size)

1. Riot Grrrwl - ROAR!
2. Future Folk - Tommy Trash
3. Lionheart - Afrojack
4. The Big Bad Wolf (Dada Life Remix) - Duck Sauce
5. Maximal Crazy (R3hab & Swanky Tunes Remix) - Tiesto
6. Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix) - Fatboy Slim
7. Sweet Dreams - Gregori Klosman Remix - Avicii
8. My Dick (Spendac & Kayli Bootleg) - Mickey Avalon
9. Happy Violence (Swanky Tunes Remix) - Dada Life
10. Funky Shit - Firebeatz
11. Bounce (R3hab Remix) - Calvin Harris, Kelis
12. Sirius  - Congorock
13. Molly's E (Nicky Romero Dub Remix) - Junkie XL
14. Zero 76 - Tiesto, Hardwell

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Monthly Mix Up - dominated by FRIENDSHIPS!!

Friendships are possibly the best thing in the world...cheesy yes, but you know its true. When you have them they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and when you lose them, you want to rage!

This months edition of the Nothing Butter Monthly Mix Up has been provided by possibly the nicest dj/producer in the world. His name encompasses all that he is and that is FRIENDSHIPS!!!

(Dont let his giant fringe stray you from reading on)

When asked what genre he classifies himself under he replied with Space/ghetto/tech/shoegaze/dub/pop/booty

we don't exactly know what that means but going by his mix tape we know he loves the Bass

Influenced by everything signed to the Melbourne "This Thing" Label and everything promoted by 'East to West' Blog and 'life aquatic' blog, he attributes his sound mainly to beer....not a dodgy label, style of music or misguided artist but the actual golden brown life drink BEER or BEEEERRRS as he likes to coin on occasion

Things Friendships loves;

- Fist bumps
- Girls touching him inappropriately (or appropriately)
- Goon sacks
- Destiny's Child
- Elton John
- Aphex Twin

(Friendships and mans best friend)

Freakishly talented, he performs his Dj sets using Ableton, Novation Launchpad and bunch of ultra rude samples. However it's his live performances that will blow your mind as he skillfully combines Ableton with a Novation Launchpad, a Native Instruments Maschine, a Moog Slim Fatty, some sexy saxophone, authentic didgeridoo, dirty guitar and super shitty (his words) vocals.


but seriously this guy is amazing but i don't need to tell you that, you will find out as soon as your hear his mix tape


High Quality (large file size) version on Soundcloud via

Friendships - Trillion Beers Mix Tape

Friendships - Trillion Beers Mix by Nothing Butter

Not as High Quality (lower file size) version on PodOmatic via

Friendships - Trillion Beers Mix Tape

You can check out all of his original productions on his soundcloud via


You can show him some love on his facebook page

post him a little love note on his wall, we know he will appreciate it

Or you can stop being a bitch and head to one of his gigs...check Facebook for more info

Frienships will be playing at the Gasometer in Melbourne on the 28th Of October along side talented electronic acts Super Magic Hats and Fox Sui

Nothing Butter thanks Friendships for providing Nothing Butter the best and Nothing Butter thanks you for listening


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Monthly Mix Up - September 2011 inspired by Rob Pix

This month for the Nothing Butter monthly mix up we have done something a little different. Nothing too drastic, yes we still have fresh bangin' tunes that will get your juices flowing, but this month we bring you a mix that has been inspired by none other than the infamous ROB PIX.

Rising through the ranks and quickly becoming a heavy weight in the Victorian Dj scene, Rob Pix has already achieved so much so early in his career. From his ongoing residency at Mynt Thursdays at Mynt Lounge and ADSC at Roxanne Parlour, where he manages to pack the dance floor night after night, to his tracks making their way into the ARIA Top 10 dance chart, to his Ministry of Sound Electro House Sessions 2011 compilation, Rob Pix sure can boast.

Signed to MOS sub label DOWNRIGHT, this man is tearing up the Australian club scene with his smooth Dj skills and huge dance floor shattering originals and remixes. We somehow managed to rope ROB PIX into an interview but we aren't telling you at what cost... you wouldn't want to know... sorry mum.

So along with the ROB PIX inspired mix we give you an exclusive, original, ghetto interview of the man sure to be Australia's favourite in the near future.

So here it is, it's out little treat, enjoy, you're welcome, now shut up and listen!! :)

We love Nothing Butter the music

Interview with Rob Pix (MOS) by Nothing Butter

Show Rob Pix your support by visiting any of the pages below. You can check out any of his upcoming tour dates, where to download his music, or just general love from the man.

And if he gives you love, remember to give it right back by spreading the word ;)

Mix on Soundcloud
Nothing Butter September 2011 Inspired by Rob Pix by Nothing Butter
downloadable via


Mix on Podomatic

downloadable via


Track List

The End (Original Mix) - Tommy Trash
Get Loose (Rob Pix Remix) - Funkin Matt ft. Teki Latex
The Bottle Song - R3hab
No Beef feat. Miss Palmer - Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Miss Palmer
Summer Of Love (She Said) (Tommy Trash Remix) - The Immigrant
(River Phoenix) The Hollywood Anthem feat. TISM (Rob Pix Remix) - The Only
ZHM (Dada Life Remix) (Rob Pix - Head Drop a capella) - Mustard Pimp
Prutataaa - Afrojack, R3hab
Happy Violence - Dada Life
Sunshine - David Guetta, Avicii
Calling (Instrumental Mix) - Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Sunday Funk - Yasumo

You never truly know how much you drank last night until you wake up the next morning...with no pants on...in someone else's bed...

Lets just say i drank more than i thought

and if your saturday night was as big as mine, then i know your definitely in need of some Sunday Funk loving. So this morning i pulled myself out of bed and trolled the internet and unexpectedly found this little remix jam from local boys Yasumo.

With a few little gems under their already belt this fresh dynamic duo is set for big things in the near future. They landed themselves a spot at the Parklife melbourne show on the weekend and the rumour on campus is that they rocked it hard.

Well anyways who needs me to make your sunday worse by waffling on

Nothing Butter Crew

Old School Tip (Yasumo Remix) - Jesus & Hey Sam (Jump To This Records)

Catch these boys every thursday and saturday at Mynt Lounge Werribee

They also have a few other tracks that you can check out on beatport via the link below

Yasumo on Beatport

or just do a general youtube search and you can also find other bootlegs and originals floating around

Support Local Music


Sunday, 18 September 2011


This is a random post. The Sunday funk is meant to be here but its not. Dont ask why just accept it like you accept the fact that you will probably end up 40 and single....or the bald patch on your head that keeps growing by the day...or the fact that you were adopted...anyways
heres a track thats as random as this post




and if you dont like that sweet track then you should probably listen to track 1 below
and if your a hunny, do what track 2 says

  Booty Bass by friendships

NOTHING BUTTER thanks you :D

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

DJ MEHDI - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Today is definitely a sad day for the music industry with the passing of Hip Hop/Electro producer DJ MEHDI earlier this morning. However instead of talking about how he died we'd rather remember him through a homage to the music he has blessed us with.

On the scene for over 15 years the Dj Mehdi became an international hit in 2006 with his album 'Lucky Boy' which touted the popular 'Signatune' and 'I am somebody' featuring Chromeo. He also had a tumultuous number of remixes from Chromeo, Architecture in Helsinki, New Young Pony Club, Erol Alkan and Boyz Noize and Miike Snow.
His close friendships with Busy P, Cassius and Xavier de Rosnay (Justice) saw the form of the collective known as the Club 75 who's performances wowed crowds all over the world.
But the man was definitely about to hit his prime through his new collab with friend Riton and their Carte Blanch project, which was quickly gaining massive respect among notables.

Dj Mehdi was a fine French man, his talent and skill for producing phenomenal music were definitely no myth and his legend will live on everytime you hit play on your favourite Mehdi tune.

So this weekend when your out and you hear that DJ Mehdi banger pumping out of the club speakers, raise your glass and remember him.

We love Dj Mehdi because he loved Nothing Butter The Music

Thank you Dj Mehdi

Signatune - Dj Mehdi


 Tunisia Bambata - Dj Mehdi


Show some love for the great man and purchase some of his music


Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Sunday Funk

The Sunday recovery sesh is a time honoured tradition where one lazes around doing sweet F**K all as they try to remember exactly what happened the night before. Thoughts like “did I really hook up with that chick?” and “I swear someone must have spiked my 9th tequila shot’ swim through your mind as you run to the toilet to reacquaint yourself with the 3am souvlaki….mmm garlic sauce. Well while your trolling facebook trying to piece together the previous night through unreadable status updates and photos you don’t remember taking, we at NOTHING BUTTER recommend you relax and listen to the weekly Sunday Funk.

This week on the Sunday Funk we bring you an all time classic tune with a funky new remix.
'The Sound of Violence' by Cassius, featuring those iconic sultry afro vocals is always one to get the crowd moving and we think this remix by Franco Cinelli is definitely the cure for this mornings hangove. That and half a dozen nurofen. Hitting number 10 on Beatports top 10 track list, this tune oozes groove and funk and should definitely be a staple in your sunday recovery playlist.
So sit back, relax, enjoy this fine summer tune and pray to god no one posts those naked photos of you from last night onto facebook. Im going to throw up now....

The Sound of Violence (Franco Cinelli) - Cassius

Track downloadable from Beatport via the following link

The Sound of Violence (Franco Cinelli) - Cassius

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